Trend Access

“Mobile-style” access systems

With the Trend Access System, the vehicle can be unlocked or locked – or additional information can be called up – via smart device. The vehicle key carried by the driver serves as a gateway key and, as such, is the intermediary between vehicle and smart device – simply and conveniently with the app via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
By means of bidirectional communication between the vehicle and gateway key, information about the vehicle position (via GPS), whether the vehicle is locked or unlocked, the amount of gas in the tank, or tire pressure, for example, can be requested and displayed – even at distances of up to 1 km. The PASE functionalities are also available here.


  • More convenience and flexibility for the user
  • More possibilities for free time and additional key solutions
  • Standard RF & LF technology

Our Shadow Key transforms your smartphone into a car key

An additional solution for more flexibility. The Shadow Key can be attached to the back of a smartphone and is supplied with energy by the smartphone’s NFC interface. The smartphone display becomes an input and output medium – and also a vehicle key, of course.


  • Can be adapted to any vehicle architecture
  • Can also be used as an upgrade solution on the aftermarket
  • Standard RF & LF technology

Wearable key: always have your car key around your wrist

A chic system extension. The Continental PASE systems allow additional keys to be used as wearables, for example.