Classic Access

Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)

Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) systems represent the standard solution for conveniently locking and unlocking a vehicle’s doors and luggage compartment by remote control. The anti-theft and immobilizer systems can also be turned on and off in this way. Car keys and IDs from Continental provide maximum security and comfort for all vehicle classes. They also make other functions possible, such as added convenience in opening and closing windows, sliding roofs, sliding doors and tailgates. An “emergency button” is integrated into the key for enhanced security. It triggers an acoustical and visual alarm from the vehicle at the push of a button.


  • Convenient opening/closing and optional customization
  • Arming/disarming of anti-theft alarm & immobilizer
  • Secure and reliable operation of all functions/features, robust RF transmission thanks to multi-channel capability
  • Innovative transmitter design
  • Uni/bi-directional communication enhances secure vehicle access
  • End-of-line configurable key parameters
  • Integrated architecture of the antenna, electronic control unit (ECU), transponder interface, and the transceiver for RKE, PASE, and TPMS
  • Cost- and space-optimized solution thanks to highly integrated RXM architecture
  • Simplified programming and synchronization of “rolling codes” between key and module
  • Low energy consumption

Passive Start and Entry System (PASE)

With the Passive Start and Entry (PASE) system it is possible to access the vehicle and start the engine without having to hold the key in your hand. The vehicle’s system recognizes the matching PASE key automatically on approach, automatically starts systems, adjusts customized settings, and opens the vehicle – for the driver, this means maximum ease of use as well as maximum convenience: simply get in and drive off. Continental’s PASE system, first introduced in 1998, is undergoing continuous development.

The PASE Convenience Zones

Different functions are activated depending on the driver’s distance from the vehicle. Based on the type of movement or distance, the vehicle “knows” what needs to be done.

The convenience zones are:

Welcome light


  • As soon as the vehicle detects a valid key, the light is automatically switched on.

Approach unlock

  • In this zone, personalized vehicle settings such as seat position, climate control settings, and entertainment functions are activated.

Walk away locking

  • If the driver moves away from the vehicle, the doors lock automatically.


  • Bidirectional communication between vehicle and PASE key – even at long ranges
  • Lower system costs thanks to optimization of the components used (antennas and sensors)
  • Different antenna designs depending on the vehicle segment and market
  • Trunk opens automatically on approach, without the need for additional sensors
  • Increased driver convenience

Start/stop button and immobilizer

Our access systems are complemented by modern automatic start-stop systems and immobilizers. These offer a high degree of comfort and safety. They also contribute to system integration. With the immobilizer, for example, access systems such as RKE or PASE can be integrated in a joint system in order to save costs and space.

Start Stop Button

The Continental Start Stop Button provides a modern, sporty look & feel, and intuitive guidance for the driver. To start the vehicle, the customer applies the brake pedal and presses the Start Stop Button on the instrument panel. The vehicle will start if the key is inside the vehicle.


  • Immobilizer coil integrated
  • Modular Design allows individualization and adaptation of button designs/symbols/deco rings
  • Information for the driver: indicator for ACC&ON
  • Maximum packaging flexibility with the shortest (axial length) on the market (4.5 cm)
  • Maximum functionality allowing for lower system costs
  • Intuitive HMI (human machine interface)
  • Branding opportunity for OEMs

Immobilizer – solutions for secure access

A vehicle equipped with an immobilizer can be started only after the key has successfully communicated with the transponder and been identified. In the event that this verification is not successful, the engine cannot be started.
Today, immobilizers also integrate the transmission of data for the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, the Remote Keyless Entry System (RKE), and the Passive Start and Entry System (PASE) into a single Receiver Control Module (RXM).


  • Higher degree of vehicle access security
  • Secure transmission of data on ISM frequencies licensed worldwide for RKE, PASE, and TPMS
  • Integrated architecture with antenna, electronic control unit (ECU), transponder interface, and transceiver for RKE, PASE, and TPMS
  • Cost- and space-optimized solution thanks to highly integrated RXM architecture
  • Simplified programming and synchronization of “rolling codes” between key and module