Vehicle Access

Continental access systems for cars and commercial vehicles

As the leading supplier of access control systems, Continental develops innovative technologies that help drivers to enter their vehicle as easily and securely as possible. For this, we use the latest technologies, for example the integration of smartphones and tablets or even waerables to enable access to the car.

Our product portfolio ranges from simple immobilizers and Remote Keyless Entry Systems (RKE) to highly elaborate systems that enable totally new convenience functions, including Passive Start and Entry Systems (PASE), for example. With PASE, the vehicle automatically recognizes the key and opens the door or trunk. Our bidirectional keys do much more than just opening the doors however – with an integrated display, you are always informed about the status of your car’s important functions.

Our latest invention is the virtual key, which allows access to the vehicle via mobile devices. An encrypted access code is sent to your smartphone or tablet. At Continental, this works with high security standards via near field communication (NFC). Technologies like Bluetooth can also be used.

Continental has nearly 25 years of experience with electronic vehicle access systems, making it one of the leading suppliers of access systems worldwide. The first electronic immobilizer was delivered in 1994, while the first remote start and access system, the PASE (Passive Start and Entry), was delivered in 1998.

Types of bidirectional communication with the vehicle

With bidirectional keys, the data transfer runs in both directions, and this makes numerous new functions possible. Examples of these include automatic recognition of the key, and, triggered by this, functions such as the welcome light or the opening of the door. This technology also allows status information such as the tank’s fill level or the tire pressure to be transmitted. The most important difference with these bidirectional keys, alongside the additional functionalities, is the type of communication with the vehicle. There are different variants here.

Classic Access: Here, only the key and the car communicate with each other. In addition to the traditional functions such as opening and closing, specific vehicle systems can also already be started up or personalized when the driver approaches the vehicle. This saves the driver time when entering, starting, and configuring the car, and thus increases the comfort level. However, it is also possible to display the car’s status information if the key is equipped with a display board.

Trend Access: In this variant, the key acts as an intermediary between the car and smartphone. The advantage of this is that, despite the familiar, safe transmission standards between the key and car, the facilities offered by the display on the smartphone, including suitable apps, can be used.

Smart Device Access: This solution dispenses completely with a conventional key. Encrypted information about opening and closing the vehicle is transmitted from a backend to the smartphone, and thus facilitates access, starting, and many other functions.


Biometric Access for More Security and Comfort

When it comes to anti-theft protection biometric car access leads to more security. A valid key inside the vehicle is no longer enough to start the engine, the driver is now also required to use a fingerprint sensor to provide authentication. Biometrics also allows drivers to personalize their car. Continentals interior camera recognizes the driver’s face and settings, such as seat and mirror position, music, temperature, and navigation, are personalized automatically.